Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS)

Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action

Our Vision

Exceed all expectations

Our Mission

Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action

Our Hope

In Christ alone

A Clear Vision

Our mission is simple: “Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action”. We partner with students to help them achieve the highest possible academic outcomes, whilst providing the support and care that each student needs to excel and be equipped for life.

To gain a deeper sense of our approach to education, watch videos about our Years 5-6 program (The Zone) and our Year 8 program (Quest).

Excellence in Education

Our focus is that students will be motivated by a dynamic learning environment, developing as engaged, focused and independent learners. Our goal is that education will open journeys of opportunity for our students, releasing abilities they have never experienced before, and seeking the highest possible academic outcomes.

The staff at NBCS are a team of united, innovative professionals who want the very best for their students. Students’ education is enriched by inspired and motivated staff, with a strong focus on Professional Development, new opportunities and research into “best practice” standards from around the world.

Christianity in Action

The solid educational focus at Northern Beaches is partnered with a genuine care and concern for our students. Student care is treated with diligence and enthusiasm, where every student is seen as a unique, valued individual. Strategies are in place to ensure no one is missed. Every grade, from Pre-school to Year 12, has a team of dedicated staff focused on student care, with both a School Counsellor and Chaplain available to all students.

We believe that caring for students is a demonstration of God’s love. As we nurture and support students, they are in turn encouraged to live a life where they care for and serve each other. Our vision is for students to love life and in doing so gain a deep hope that will transform their world.

There are many opportunities for students in every grade to impact their world. Student-led initiatives raise support and awareness of global issues, whilst national and international student trips provide students in Year 11 the opportunities to gain global perspectives and leadership development in a unique context.